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Terms & Conditions

1. Official M&M film production NFT’s are sold only from our store. 

2. The NFT’s come with there own COA (certificate of authenticity)

3. Only official NFT’s will allow you to earn from our various projects or platform.

4. The NFT’s will have the following 4 tiers, each tier has its own function. 

A. M&M Bronze club NFT = basic NFT art 

B. M&M Silver club NFT = NFT art + a physical earning object

C. M&M Gold club NFT = Rare art + a increased revenue object

D. M&M VIP club NFT = Ultra rare art + seat to a exclusive event 

5. M&M NFT’s can be sold on any 3rd party market, but it is the sellers responsibility to supply the official certificate.

6. As with any investments in this world, the value can rise & drop according to real life influences. M&M film productions

is a well respected company within the film production world, Our NFT’s will bring real utility from our films & other strategic partners. 

There will be a very limited amount of NFT’s created, this mechanism will protect the value of your NFT at all times. 

We have also created a unique revenue system which countermeasures major dips in revenue, So you can keep earning with your NFT’s. 

Digital assets (NFT’s) are the safest way to earn revenue, whilst crypto or tokens are the most volatile with fluctuations 

Our future products or tokens will only ever be pegged to a fiat currency, So you get paid in fiat currency & NOT CRYPTO


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